New game: The Cellar of Needles

Haley is a perky 12-year-old girl with a cigarette addiction and a head full of bizarre ideas.  And Quintin is the vengeful ghost that has been puppeting her body for the past three months, trying to find the most gruesome possible way to end her life.  This dubious quest has led them both to a remote island--the site of several recent brutal murders--where Quintin hope to finally discover a suitably horrible demise for Haley.   

That's the setup for my next game, The Cellar of Needles: A story-driven, character-focused exploration/horror game.  Like my previous two horror games--Fingerbones and The Moon Sliver--it is going to be extremely atmosphere and story driven, but with a greater focus on interaction and character development.  It will also be longer.  I'm shooting for at least two hours, hopefully more.  And while the setup is rather grim, it's actually going to be far less dark than Fingerbones, and far less nihilistic than The Moon Sliver.  Whereas Fingerbones was a straight up horror game and The Moon Sliver was what I'd call a "dark fairytale," The Cellar of Needles is going to be more like a "horror adventure."  The main focus is not going to be disturbing the player, but rather providing a gripping adventure that happens to have major horror elements.  If that makes any sense.

I'll be posting more information about the game over the coming few months.  I'm shooting for a mid 2015 release date, but that's very tentative.  I'm not going to be releasing it until it's complete.

Heres a few screenshots of the game currently (some screenshots were taken on my old monitor, some on my shiny new widescreen monitor):


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