Indie Horror Simulator 2015

Today, instead of doing something productive, I decided to give myself exactly one hour to make the most bottom-of-the-barrel, cheap, low-effort horror game I could: Indie Horror Simulator 2015.

Pretty much all the assets are public domain, found in about five minutes on Google and Freesound.  Apart from the level itself, which took literally 30 seconds in Blender.  Liberal image effects have been applied, to cover up the obvious lack of effort.  I purposely left in any typos I happened to make.  The beginning text clips off the screen.  I did not bother to change this.

I did all this because sometimes I like to watch the world burn.

If for some reason this sounds attractive to you, Indie Horror Simulator 2015 (also known as "Haunted Fear: Shadow Asylum") can be downloaded here:


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  1. Daviiiiid, the space heater is on too high! My legs are sweaty!