I have a little more freedom designing the environments in The Music Machine, and I've been doing a lot more with the architecture than in past games.  And I've noticed something: it's hard to judge the scale of things in a videogame without some sort of reference.  A gigantic building can be double or even triple the "correct" size and still look relatively good, if there's nothing proper-sized around it.  In one area, I have a series of gigantic concrete arches that the player can walk through, and despite being several stories tall, on their own they look regular and uninteresting.  However, once I added a smaller tower next to them--a tower that's large enough to climb, but is still dwarfed by the arches--they immediately took on a whole other dimensionThey actually felt huge.

On a 2d screen, with no real way of judging depth, I get the impression that things don't actually look big unless there's something smaller to compare them with.  Which probably isn't news to anyone that's had some education in visual design or cinematography, but is something I hadn't really considered before this.

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