A note from The Music Machine

The Music Machine is actually pretty far along, although I still have a few big jobs left to do.  Most of the story is implemented, however.  I just thought I'd share a rather cryptic note that shows up in the game, for fun.  Good luck getting any spoilers out of this one :)

I hear them at night when it rains.  Scratching, seeking men.  Cat-like men.  Gods.  There is more electricity in the air since last week.  Crackling.

I am Jesus.

God is four.

They whisper everywhere.  I speak back, and they hear me.  They have taught me the universe.

The animals are gone too.

Warm sea breeze blowing.  Sparkling waves.  Empty island, always empty.  When will they come? And will I greet them with bowed head or with bullets?

I am Jesus.

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