The Atmosphere of The Music Machine

I realized last night that the atmosphere of The Music Machine has been heavily influenced by three fantastic games: Myst, STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl, and Kairo.  I thought I'd explain a little of what I got from each game.

First, Myst.  The one thing I always remember about Myst is the sense of eerie, lonely, stillness.  Particularly on the main island.  I tried to tap into that feeling a lot in The Moon Sliver, and the beginning parts of The Music Machine will be similar.

Second, STALKER.  The STALKER series are my favorite games of all time, and one of the most memorable things about the games (particularly the first) is their sense of rotting industrial dread.  The creepiness of its abandoned factories and skeletal iron riggings.  Toward the middle of The Music Machine, I try to emulate some of that feeling.

Finally, Kairo.  This fantastic indie first person adventure game from Richard Perrin not only has some of the best minimalist art design in videogames, but also shows how cavernous, monolithic environments can be just as unsettling as claustrophobic hallways.  I got a lot of inspiration from Kairo's art and environments, and tried to create a similar feeling of eerie expansiveness in certain parts of The Music Machine.

Also, a development update: The Music Machine is practically finished, with only a save system left to be implemented, and (of course) some QA and re-writing.  Expect to see it within the next month or so.

I plan on trying to get it onto Steam, but will also be releasing it on my itch.io page, and trying (once again) for a GOG release.       

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