The Music Machine is coming April 29th

I'm happy to report that barring any unforeseen delays, The Music Machine should be releasing on both itch.io and Steam on Wednesday April 29th!  Also keep an eye out for a small demo which I will likely release on Gamejolt around the same time.

The official release trailer will be going up on Youtube some time later this evening.  I'll let you know. 

The game will retail for $5.99, and the OST will be available for purchase for $3 either as Steam DLC or at https://davidszymanski.bandcamp.com.

In the near future, I will be releasing a wallpaper pack based on the cover art Cyrus Crashtest did for the game (some of which can be seen above).  It will likely be free.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I will also be submitting it to GOG.com.  I'll post an update for how that goes.

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