3d Sound!

In previous games, I generally used one or two basic sound effects for ambience, usually just playing out of both speakers.  In my upcoming game, I'm doing a lot more with 3d sound.  For example, in this exterior area, rather than simply putting together a single track with birdsong and wind sounds, I have a bunch of seperate 3d sound sources positioned around the environment, with different sounds attached to them.  It gives a much more "3d" effect, and makes you feel much more like you're really there listening to things, rather than just hearing a single looping 2d track.


  1. I have on my speakers "Normal" sound and "3D Sound." I've been trying to listening in each mode, but I can't find a significant difference between the two. What is the difference between the two?

  2. sound is a quality.
    sound is produce when something like the speaker in your stereo vibrates.

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