Unity's animation is still frustrating.

The weird thing about Unity is that some incredibly complex tasks--such as adding realistic physics to objects--are just a matter of a few clicks, whereas relatively simple tasks--like making a drawer open--can end up being huge ordeals.

Case in point...well, making a drawer open.  Unity does this wonderful thing where animations always try to animate from the same position.  So if you have a simple back and forth drawer opening animation along the x axis, you can't simply reuse it on another drawer that's below it.  Because it will try to reset the z and y axis.

The only way to solve this seems to be either making a separate animation for each object--no, I refuse--or parenting the object you want to animate with another object, and animating the parent instead.  And even this solution seems to be finicky at best.

I managed to get my set of drawers working, but I'm a little disappointed that this hasn't been improved in Unity 5.

Oh well.  Next step, modeling a faucet.  

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