So I'm working on an FPS

Yeah, that whole "taking a break" thing didn't last very long.

I've started doing some work on a game called Dusk, which will be a throwback to old FPSs like Quake and Doom.  While it won't be like the games I've been making, it will have horror elements and a strong focus on atmosphere.  It's just that there's also going to be a strong focus on shooting things and collecting key cards :P.

There are a couple things I want to concentrate on that I feel other supposed "retro throwback" FPSs have failed at.  Most importantly, level design.  Levels in in FPSs from the mid-late 90s were interesting to explore, and used enemy placement and layout to vary the gameplay.  However, this is something that a lot of developers seem to forget when they set out to emulate Doom or similar games.  Making the movement and combat flow feel good are high priorities as well, and I've been spending a lot of free time in the games I'm planning on emulating, just studying the details of what makes them work.

However, Dusk is not simply going to be a retread of games that came before.  While I want to try and capture the things that made those titles work, I also want the game to have its own personality and style.

I don't have a set release date for Dusk yet, but I know it's going to take longer to develop than my other games.  Possibly next Halloween.  I'll be able to start work in earnest once The Grandfather releases in a few months.

EDIT: I should also mention this doesn't mean I'm abandoning narrative-focused horror.  I've just wanted to make a game like this since I was 14, and figured now is as good a time as any.  I think it will be good for me to try something more mrechanics-focused and practice/learn skills in that area, since I've spent the last two years doing "walking simulators."  It will just make my next serious horror game that much better! 

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