Trees 'n fog 'n other stuff

I modeled a few trees.  They are glorious.

I also made everything super foggy and Silent Hill-y, just to see how it looked.  For the atmosphere, I'm taking inspiration from Silent Hill, Quake, and STALKER.

(With fog enabled, the noise effect is a little too obvious.  I'll be tweaking this)

I also started work on the main menu:

I've been doing a lot of texture work in my spare time, too.  I probably have enough environmental textures to last the whole game at this point, with the Doom-esque level designs I'm planning.  Asset creation has gone surprisingly well so far.  I expect that level design will be fairly difficult and time intensive, though, and will take some getting used to.  That and enemy modeling/texturing are really the only big gameplay hurdles left, although both are fairly significant.

We're still working on The Grandfather, so I don't want to dive into either of those things yet.  But my next milestone will probably be to get a demo level put together, which I'll put up for download so that you guys can actually see the game for yourselves.

Even though most of the systems and environmental textures are implemented, Dusk is nowhere close to being done.  As I said, I expect level design to take a lot of time.  And even if it doesn't end up being as difficult as I'm anticipating, I still want to plan on taking a lot of time to get it right.

I've also come up with a rough "mission statement" for Dusk:  The atmosphere of STALKER/Silent Hill, the visuals of Quake, the speed and level design of Doom, the interactivity of Duke Nukem 3d, and the personality of Chasm.  It's not a hard and fast rule, but it gives you an idea what I'm going for.

I don't think I've mentioned price point yet.  I'm obviously going to wait until the game is finished before I decide, but currently I'm shooting for around $5-$10.  I think $10 would be more appropriate for the content I'm planning, but I'd prefer if people felt like they got a good deal.  Also, Steam games $5 and under tend to get significantly more traffic.  Although I'm planning on doing more pre-release marketing for Dusk, I'm not sure how effective that will be.  And thus far my business strategy has been that high traffic + low price is better than low traffic + high price.  Regardless, Dusk won't break your bank.  In keeping with the tradition of games like Chasm, I'd rather it be a "budget FPS" than a big blockbuster.

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