Tried doing some level design tonight

Level design is going to be even more difficult than I thought.  Learning to expected workflow and modeling techniques is as irritating as I expected (it turns out that ProBuilder just decides to fill your geometry with pitch black n-gons if you don't do things the way it thinks you should).  I think I've got a bit of a handle on it now, but it's definitely something that I'll be improving on and learning more about throughout development.  Designing levels to function well gameplay-wise AND look halfway decent at the same time is going to be difficult too. 

Most frustrating, though, is that it turns out I don't have any idea what to do when faced with a blank scene.  I kind of hoped that once I started experimenting with ProBuilder, ideas built up from years of planning and playing FPSs would suddenly start flowing out.  This has not been the case.  Which doesn't mean I don't HAVE any ideas, it just means that the level design process is going to take a little more work than I'd hoped.  I'll have to actually put effort into coming up with good levels.  So yeah, not a huge deal, but a little demoralizing.  Especially since I also encountered some gameplay issues when I started putting enemies in environments other than the test level I've been using for at least a month now.

I did manage to come up with this room, though:

Same thing with the pixel filter turned on:

Nothing too special, but it gives me a chance to actually do something with the textures I've been making and finally gives an idea of the look I'm going for. 

Dusk is intended to be played with the pixel filter on, and the color filter on, but both can be turned off through the settings menu if you don't like that sort of thing.


  1. This little room you've made is interesting, though I think that with the sort of movement you focus on I think you should have more open or bigger spaces to fight in , unlike here where things look kind of tight, if this room wasn't intended for combat then ignore everything I've said about it. :P

    I wish you luck on your Probuilder ventures!

    1. There will be a variety of spaces. Some open areas, some tight areas. This one wasn't really designed with anything in mind, I just sorta put it together :P

    2. Ah I see, well, it looks pretty nice though. The pixel filter is also nice but maybe you should up the amount of pixels a little bit?

      Also, will the pixelated filter lower framerate as well as provide a artistic touch? Because that's pretty fucking genious.

    3. It doesn't actually make a difference with the framerate, but if all goes according to plan Dusk should run very well regardless.