Narrowing my focus

As you're probably aware, I've been using my free time to focus on level design.  And it's been going... ok I guess.  But something just doesn't feel right.  I don't quite know how to explain it.  I think I'm just biting off a little too much by trying to dive right into designing whole levels.  Ideally I want to feel like I have a reason for why a level is a certain way, but right now the layout and appearence is mostly just the result of random decisions and/or guesswork.  Stuff is just there because, I dunno, something needs to be there and it might as well be that.  I don't seem to have any ideas when I actually sit down (well, stand... I have a standing desk) to make a level.

I think this is mostly because I don't have any experience to bring to this sort of level design, and trying to figure out flow, aesthetics, gameplay functionality, and workflow all at the same time is just too much.  So I'm going to try narrowing my focus for a little bit.  Instead of trying to make entire levels, I'm going to just try making interesting rooms.  If a room works, I can save it as a prefab and use it later on when I'm actually making the in-game levels.  At the very least then, I should end up with some good stuff that I can connect with hallways or whathaveyou.  But ideally I'm hoping that I'll gradually start moving from small rooms to bigger rooms to more than one room to eventually entire levels.

That's my plan at least.

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  1. It's often best to start off small and gradually progress. I was very impressed with the Dusk level demo, I love the Quake/Doom vibe! I can only imagine how fun it'll be with enemies!

    The floaty movement is something that I would have to get used to, but I imagine it'll be a fairly fast paced game so that won't be a problem. The wobble may be a tad bit too much, but that's just me!

    Overall I love what I'm seeing! Good luck with the rooms, I'm eager to see more from you!