Super rough level design build: requesting feedback

Here's a very rough build of the level I've been designing in Dusk.


There's not that much to it (and there aren't any light probes, so all objects appear completely black), but I'm feeling a little unsure of things so I'd like some feedback.  Just let me know what you think of what's there.  You know, what you like and don't like.  I realize there's not much to work with, but any feedback helps.

NOTE: 'wads' to move, 'f' for flashlight.


  1. Hi David, really enjoyed your games.

    The level definitely looks great, the artstyle's perfect, loving that old-school crazy-fast animated skybox.

    It's hard to judge functionality without enemies. I guess it could use a "hook", like a hub level, or an area you can see but can't easily access, something to get the player working towards a goal. Old FPS games made whole levels out of a single starting "hey how'm I gonna get there / open that / escape this?"; individual rooms could just be boxes of enemies to mop up, but you're still having fun working out the bigger picture of the level.

    There's a lot of good stuff about level design in this playthrough of Doom with John Romero: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygp4-kmjpzI

    The controls feel great, very snappy and satisfying, it's definitely got that feel of just being fun to move around. Only thing is I'd maybe make the movement wobble animation on the guns slow down when you're walking or crouching.

    Hope this is helpful. Looking forward to Dusk.

    1. Thanks! I've watched that video already, but it might be a good idea to watch it again :). As you say, there's a lot of good stuff in it.