Dusk initial press release

(This game is currently in development)

Dusk is a retro-themed FPS inspired by classic shooters from the mid to late 90s, such as Doom and Quake, with particular attention being paid to engaging and rewarding level design.

Plays like the classics 
Dusk's arcadey gameplay is a throwback to classic FPSs like Doom and Duke Nukem 3d, emphasizing agility and speed over taking cover, and prioritizing fun over realism.  

Looks like the classics 
Play in "1996 mode" with a low resolution filter, a limited color palette, and pixelized textures, or activate bilinear filtering and light bloom for a modern touch.  Or mix and match options to find the right visual style for you.

Quality level design 
Dusk opts for intricate hand-crafted levels rather than repetitive combat arenas or procedural mazes.  Each location is unique, interactive, rewarding to explore, and purposeful about the placement of enemies and items.  And filled with secrets, of course.

Moody setting 
Inspired by Quake, Silent Hill, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl, Dusk will take you through rotting swamps, abandoned factories, and gothic catacombs.

Atmospheric soundtrack 
Inspired by Doom 64 and Unreal, Dusk's soundtrack sets the perfect mood for every level, be it dark and ambient or driving and intense.


(Retro filters on, bilinear filtering and bloom off)

(Retro filters off, bilinear filtering on, bloom off)

(Retro filters off, bilinear filtering and bloom on)

Follow Dusk on Twitter for updates on development: https://twitter.com/duskgame


  1. Plays awesome! Very fast and smooth. Definitely looking forward to the full release!

  2. I can't download archive, tried in Opera and Firefox :/

    1. That build isn't available now since it's no longer representative of the game. Sorry!

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