Videogame Potpourri is gone for now.

It's time to face the fact that I'm just not writing videogame reviews that much anymore.  So for that and various other reasons, Videogame Potpourri has now been locked up.  It still technically exists, but nobody is able to see it.  Not just because I'm not really using it, but also because I feel the purpose of the blog has gotten rather confused.  And because I'd like to reduce my "opinions about stuff not related to games and game development" footprint.  And because I'm actually kind of embarrassed by many of the older reviews.

So NOW, all videogame-related blog stuff will be here on Iron Snowflakes (and there's honestly probably going to be a lot less of that since I'm genuinely doing game development as a full time job now).  And there's not going to be a place for anything not videogame related.  I'm just kind of over the whole "personal soapbox" thing, and I'd like to cultivate a friendlier, more professional image online.

If anyone super wants to have access to Videogame Potpourri for some reason, shoot me an email.


  1. Funny. I just did a Google search for the sole purpose of hearing your take on the No Man's Sky hoopla... Get up on that soapbox once more (with feeling)! I'm curious if as an indie developer if at any point during the hype machine you wet your finger, stuck it in the air, and said, "Something's amiss". I'm also wondering as to how you feel about hype and pressure in general.

    1. tbh I didn't follow the development of No Man's Sky too closely, but the combination of everyone's huge expectations and the fact that the devs were letting peoples' imaginations run wild about what the game might entail definitely made me think there would be some backlash on release, regardless of how good it ended up being. I haven't played it for myself, but it does sound like even without all that, it's still a bit of a letdown. I checked out when I heard the core gameplay was just mining/crafting. Just really sick of those sort of games right now. I think the only one I've played that made that loop enjoyable was Minecraft.

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